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Holden Commodore Rear Wheel
          Drive CarThe idea for the site was hatched on a business trip to Australia. In Australia, GM's Austrialian Division Holden and Ford Australia are making midsize rear wheel drive cars. The cars are family sized cars similar to the Chevrolet Malibu or Ford Fusion. They are modern cars with independent rear suspensions and stability control systems. Driving the cars I quickly realized that the ride, comfort, and handling of the cars is far superior to the front wheel drive cars we have available in the U.S. 

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Here is snippet from the full story :

"After managing to park the car in a very tight "car park" (parking garage) I decide to have a look. Opening the glove box I see a Holden is really GM car. Since the car is about the size of a Lumina I figure it probably has Lumina guts. I pop the hood. No hood rod, instead little pneumatic pistons hold it up. The label on the side says "Ecotec V6" so I expect to see a little 3.1 Chevy motor. Instead, I stare in disbelief. I am mildly surprised to see a 3.8 Buick motor, but I am amazed to see that the engine is mounted for and aft proper like. The CAR IS REAR WHEEL DRIVE! I poke my head under to see a drive shaft. No straight axle rear end here - instead a fully independent setup. No DRLs either. While no one is looking I peek under a bunch of cars and find most are rear drive. Wow! These are modern everyday sedans that are rear wheel drive. What have we done wrong in America? "

The cars were so much better that I decided then and there to make my next car rear wheel drive. I decided to buy a family car that is rear wheel drive. I also wanted four doors and manual transmission. These were readily available in Australia - a country with only 17 million people. Surely, I could buy one in the U.S.?

It is very difficult to find this type of car in the U.S. Until the summer of 1999 you could not buy a four door, rear drive, manual transmission car from any U.S. automaker. Now there is one. The Lincoln LS6. Unfortunately, that car is over $30,000. At least Lincoln gives us the choice.

Most rear drive cars in the U.S. are Luxery or Sports cars. One cannot find a reasonably priced four door sedan. Hopefully, we can change that.